I used to be "hypoglycemic". For 25 years I had to slather potatoes with butter to be able to eat them. A small hit of glucose, like an orange or a handful of dried fruit made me feel like I'd just run a car race and narrowly escaped exploding. If I ate something less potent, like an apple or a carrot, I would get hungry half an hour/an hour later. And I have sometimes felt very spaced out, alienated from humanity, tense and anxious when I'm eating a lot of carbohydrates.

My carbohydrate problems turned out to be a food intolerance symptom! I had intolerances to almost every food I was eating, and that apparently messed up my carbohydrate metabolism.

The foods that especially caused me to get anxious and hungry, like apples, oranges, potatoes, beans and carrots made me sick for days when I tried them after doing an elimination diet. But the anxiety and hunger was a reaction to carbohydrates. I have severe intolerances to many low-carb foods, like beef, chocolate and peanuts. But I didn't feel anxious after eating those foods. And pears and grapes made me anxious, and I did not get sick from those foods after an elimination diet.

My blood sugar wasn't low when I felt anxious & hungry. I checked it with a blood glucose meter. I did have a glucose tolerance test that showed a slight dip in blood sugar after 2 hours. But more relevant, apparently, is that food intolerances made my body freak out after eating carbohydrates: making a lot of insulin and adrenaline and cortisol. Or, carbohydrate intolerant people may have beta-adrenergic hypersensitivity, which is connected to allergies somehow, I don't know how. This means they react intensely to adrenaline.

Now that I'm not eating the intolerant foods, I can eat almost any amount of sugar or starch, and I get hyped and happy and energetic, that's all.

I only started having these carbohydrate reactions when I was 20. That was after I "discovered" that fructose calmed me wonderfully. But fructose is made from corn. And corn is such bad news for me that after I'd eliminated it for a week, and I cut up a grain of corn with a razor blade and ate 1/16 of it, I barely got out of bed for five days, too out of it even to read a novel, my back hurting so much I couldn't sit up for more than a few seconds. What actually happened when I was 20 is that I found a food I was SO intolerant to that my body had to do so much to compensate for my reaction, that it was calming and served to suppress anxiety and jittery feelings that were from my intolerances to other foods. A humbling realization, to be so fallible.

I wonder how many of the many people who say they can't deal with carbohydrates, who say carbs make them gain weight, who go on low-carb diets, have immune reactions to food.

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