I used to be "hypoglycemic". For 25 years I had to slather potatoes with butter to be able to eat them. A small hit of glucose, like an orange or a handful of dried fruit made me feel like I'd just run a car race and narrowly escaped exploding. If I ate something less potent, like an apple or a carrot, I would get hunger pangs half an hour/an hour later. And I have sometimes felt very spaced out, alienated from humanity, tense and anxious when I'm eating a lot of carbohydrates.

After I found out about my grain allergies and stopped eating grains, these adrenaline-like reactions became even worse. I felt once like I'd stuck my finger in a light socket after eating an orange.

My carbohydrate problems turned out to be from food allergies! I had allergies to almost every food I was eating, but my body was suppressing most of the symptoms. And that apparently caused these adrenaline-like reactions to carbohydrates.

The foods that especially caused me to get anxious and hungry, like apples, oranges, potatoes, beans and carrots made me sick for days when I tried them after doing an elimination diet. But the anxiety and hunger was a reaction to carbohydrates. I have allergies to many low-carb foods, like beef, chocolate and peanuts. But I didn't feel anxious after eating those foods. And pears and grapes made me anxious, and I did not get sick from those foods after an elimination diet.

My blood sugar wasn't low when I felt anxious & hungry. I checked it with a blood glucose meter. Carbohydrate intolerant people may have beta-adrenergic hypersensitivity, which is connected to allergies somehow. That means they react intensely to adrenaline.

Now that I'm not eating the foods I'm allergic to, I can eat almost any amount of sugar or starch, and I get hyped and happy and energetic, that's all.

I only started having these carbohydrate reactions when I was 20. That was after I found out that fructose calmed me wonderfully. I used fructose every day for 25 years, and felt I needed it. Sometimes it helped calm me down.

But fructose is made from corn. And corn is such bad news for me that after I'd eliminated it for a week, and I cut up a grain of corn with a razor blade and ate 1/16 of it, I barely got out of bed for five days, too out of it even to read a novel, my back hurting so much I couldn't sit up for more than a few seconds. It seems that somehow, my body having to suppress the symptoms of the allergic reaction to corn had calmed me down.