Mescaline sayings:

Free will is always being force-fed

consciousness is essentially a 2nd order effect

If you ever experience consciousness, that is self-consciousness and so you are not experiencing? That's it! That's the crux of the matter!

The belief in a fact is what you are aware of, not the fact itself & that is the crux of the matter!

Metaphorically my vision devoid of flickering deviation: a child at a pebble

I am the pt. of separation & the other arc, the consequence: think not in terms of alternatives branching but rather merging influences

hints are like planarian worms (from when I was a little kid)

Climax is amusement at amusement exactly, convergence of eval and ted. Your consciousness puddles bemused and backs into itself

Your soul taking along a diminished sound and then remerges to itself: a dreamish image (Richard)

Knowledge is a moth because it eats on paper

A herd of startled moose (Richard)

My sister is a fashion mushroom

we are the umph in the OM;

anesthesia now means pain, later (Richard)

The day got grim (Richard)
The birds all died (Carol)
and she was
      Mesmerized (me)

Just think of the inevitable convergence of 2 creatures that are amused at things being amused.

Mankind is 2: those that seen as an apple would be a sentient apple, and those that seen as a sentient apple, would be a dead apple

I felt like I was a gentle construction worker building walls on contract.

Agh. Puddle, piddle, paddle.

like the oscillation between what people say and what they mean when they say is the essence of humor

From one stone creaks the Analytic Toad: I know what you are, tho I don't know that you are

Ocean waves like a beast schnuffling with countless small tentacles rimming its snout

Other sayings:

This is the obstacle to completion: that to get you have to give, to give you have to have faith, to have faith you have to get.

When a bunch of things all follow one thing, those things converge, which is why idealism defines a self

Find an oyster, become a pearl.

That sometimes impossible delight is denied because it isn't felt possible

Drink deeper till you drop dead drunk. Has no-one ever been able to forgo mortality?

My imagination has become a little fanatical with fasting

Clarity is beautiful because an ideal is seen unchanging: as the end of time, it is itself timeless, like the stony part of a waterfall